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2020/21 Awards & a look ahead to 2021/22

As a new season dawns, we take one last moment to think back on the memories of last, with two Charlton stars receiving awards in the inaugural Proud Valiant awards.

Upon their return to training in pre-season, Jake Forster-Caskey and Eartha Cumings were presented with their Proud Valiant Player of the Season awards for the 2020/21 campaign.

Rob Harris, Proud Valiants Chair & Founder said: “When Sam, our social media guru, suggested setting up a player of the year award; We decided it was a fabulous idea.

“The awards represent the great work the players have done on and off the pitch – during one of the toughest times in our countries history. Jake & Eartha romped home pretty much unanimously in our members ballot.”

We are delighted that both players will be staying with the Addicks in the new season, with Forster-Caskey continuing his recovery from injury, and Cumings being part of our first ever professional women’s side.

Eartha Cummings
PV Women's Player of the Year 2020/21, Eartha Cumings

PV Men's Player of the Year 2020/21, Jake Forster-Caskey

“We are excited to make these awards annual and we are very excited by being able to return to the Valley and decide who we will nominate next year!”

With the season ahead comes a lot of excitement, while this time last year we were concerned if our club could continue, but the first full season with Thomas Sandgaard as Owner & ‘Mr Positive’ Nigel Adkins as gaffer promises much.

However, what is perhaps important than anything on the pitch, is what we will see and hear for the first time in 18 months. Fans will be back in the Valley, filling up the pubs around SE7, with rows of people filling down Floyd Road, lines coming out of the Chippy and without a doubt the Covered End Choir in full voice again.

In a Proud Valiants family that has grown massively over the course of the pandemic with our WhatsApp group & Zoom calls, we couldn’t be more excited again for pre-match socials & meet ups, for many meeting in person for the first time.

Rob Harris explained: “These Zoom socials helped many of our members in what was a difficult and lonely time for many, becoming a bright spot in many of our weeks.

“Inclusivity is the name of the game for us, which is why we will continue our Zoom socials to remain inclusive to our members who are unable to make games due to any physical or mental health issues, distance or any other reason.”

While we are very excited for the opportunity to meet face to face, we must not forget the benefits we have found with our Zoom meet ups. These online meet ups as allowed the Proud Valiants to not only remain close, but grow even closer, during what has been a tough time for all.

We seek to continue our Zoom socials in order to remain accessible & INCLUSIVE to those with varying levels of health concerns, anxieties, being comfortable at football and to reach everyone in our membership who spread all over the country.

If you are a LGBTQI+ Charlton fan, or a proud ally of the community, join our mailing list here and become a member of the Proud Valiants:

If you would like to get involved in Thursday’s or any future socials, message us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. We will also be able to send you a link to join our Proud Valiants WhatsApp groupchat.


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